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We are looking for regional, national and international partners, companies and brands with the following offers:



You offer accommodation and lodging, for example hotel rooms, apartments, lodges, pensions, resorts, guesthouses, a bed & breakfast, holiday homes, villas and hostels, camping and glamping or farmhouse accommodation? Please contact us.

Restaurants, BBQ, bars, pubs and beach clubs, weddings

Do you offer regional specialities and delicacies in your restaurant or café, serve cool drinks in your bar or a sundowner to chilly beats in the trendy beach club? You serve good food and drinks, organize gastronomic tours for foodies, brewery or distillery tours, a red wine- port wine or olive oil- tasting? You offer catering services in and around Nazaré or you even grow your own food? You know the perfect place for a wedding ceremony, you are a registrar, wedding planner or an event agency? Do you have a band or are you a DJ? Contact us and let us know about your specifics or your field of work.

Tours and activities

Do you offer mountain hiking at sunrise in the national park, horseback riding on the beach, rivers or lakes, exciting discovery tours by bike, kayak or jet ski?
Whether excursions to the hinterland, the Big Wave Ocean Road, geocaching, costal trekking, whale-, dolphin- or bird-watching. Whether on land, on water or in the air. You rent cars or motorcycles, organize bus tours to Lisbon or Porto? As a tour guide you accompany wildlife safaris and offer spectacular and breathtaking insights into nature? Do you offer climbing tours in the mountains, trad climbing, bouldering or DWS (Deep Water Soloing) on cliffs above the sea? With campfire and guitar music on the beach you tell adventurous seafaring stories, go on night hikes and enjoy the freedom under a starry sky? You have a language school or room for coworking space? If you offer these and other activities, please send us an email with your offers.

Culture and lifestyle

This is where traditional events, parties, festivals or other events are published.
A gig guide with offers to get to know the country, people and culture. Youl guide through creative exhibitions or galleries, report on the production of traditional jewellery or handicrafts made of clay or porcelain? You build surfboards or give an insight into the traditional cork oak harvest and enjoy together with your guests the smell of the cork oaks shimmering reddishly in the evening sun? Please contact us.

Water sports, fun and action sports

Whether bigwavesurfing or stylesurfing, you have a surf school and teach your students the basics of surfing on the cult surf beaches of Nazaré and Peniche as well as the corresponding lifestyle? Do you roast marshmallows over an open campfire, play guitar music under a starry night sky or go on early morning bush walks with breathtaking panoramic views? You have a diving school, a jet ski-, jet board-, e-body board or stand up paddling-rental? You would like to offer boat trips, wave jumping, swell surfing, beach and/or deep sea fishing? You know good spots for scuba diving or snorkeling? You offer canoe tours on rivers and lakes? Whether helicopter tours, skydiving, paragliding or going up on a hot air balloon, whatever you offer, just contact us.

Fitness, SPA and beauty, recreation and relaxation

Yoga at the pool or with a mild sea breeze on the beach, pilates, physiotherapy, workout or wellness as well as cosmetic offers. You offer health for body, soul and spirit? Do you have offers around these topics? Please contact us.

Real estate

Do you rent or sell apartments, houses or commercial properties?
Introduce your company or link it to our site and present your offer to a wide audience.

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